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Health and Safety

Handling PWBs doesn't present any particular direct danger due to the hazardous content of some components. The main exposure of the worker to hazardous substances comes from the dust that can be contaminated by several substances present inside the computer. Therefore, it is recommended that workers fix the dust by spraying a little bit of water on the boards before handling them, wash hands regularly, heal injuries immediately (cuts), avoid breaking open batteries and capacitors.

    • Place the board on a table. Identify and remove the battery.

    • Store the battery in a separate secure container.

    • Identify and remove large capacitors (diameter > 2 cm) and store in a separate secure container.

    • Also screen the PWB for mercury switches and remove existing switches. Store them in a separate secure container.

    • Unclip and remove the heat sinks (and the fan).

    • Remove the fan from the heat sink. Sometimes the fan is pasted and a screwdriver may be needed to separate it.

    • Store the fan and the heat sink.

    • This is an optional step.

    • If the central processing unit (CPU) can be sold separately, it might be economically viable to remove it. The CPU is usually found on the motherboard, but may also exist on some video cards and on server boards.

    • Release the locking lever and remove the CPU. Store separately.

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