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Step Lines

+[* icon_note] The screw circled in orange may not be present in some models.
+[* black] Remove the following 16 screws:
+ [* red] Thirteen 3 mm Phillips.
+ [* orange] One 3 mm Phillips. (actual screw not present in image)
+ [* yellow] Two 4 mm Phillips.
+[* icon_reminder] Be sure to fit the screw near the left hinge through the loop in the display data cable, securing the cable to the upper case.
+[* icon_caution] Missing in this photo is the Bluetooth antenna present in some iBooks. It is located at the upper right corner of the battery compartment, just above the 4mm screw. You can see the bracket for the antenna in the photo. It is the two I-shaped holes just above the 4mm screw that must be removed in this step. To remove the antenna, slide it toward the LCD, and tilt it vertically back towards yourself.

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