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To dismantle Large Household Appliances (washing machines, dish washing machines, microwaves), follow the main steps of manual dismantling: (1) open the device, (2) remove hazardous components, and (3) separate the remaining materials. For this appliance group special focus should be put on the following parts:

  • large capacitors (containing hazardous substances; see Chapter 3.5.),
  • coils (containing windings of pure copper, which can be removed and set aside quite easily, see Chapter 3.11. for Copper) and
  • motors (rather heavy due to their high content of iron and partly copper, and therefore of higher value; refer to Chapters 3.9. for Ferrous Metals and 3.11. for Copper)

The following pages show what capacitors, coils and motors look like in large household appliances, and explain where you can most probably find them during dismantling.

Health and Safety

Dismantling of large household appliances generally doesn’t include any harmful steps. Nonetheless workers should watch their safety and wear personal protective equipment like gloves, goggles, apron and robust shoes. For heavy equipment, workers should work in pairs to avoid back injuries.

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